Colbert Catechism covers Lent and Pope Francis

Josh Larsen

Perhaps to help us bide time until he takes over as host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert recently made a video (embedded below) for the Catholic magazine America that showcased the same comic-religious sensibility that defined the best episodes of The Colbert Report.

Called “Colbert Catechism,” the video features a casual interview between a newly bearded Colbert and James Martin, editor-at-large of America. The comedian, a practicing Catholic, discusses what he gives up for Lent, his favorite Scripture passage and what he would say to Pope Francis. There’s also a bit about how Peter was “super flawed” and, of course, some dancing.

At TC, we’ve often praised Colbert for his prophetic voice. Erica Schemper, who wrote about his departure from his show, described it this way: “I doubt Colbert would be comfortable being called a prophet, but I have to think that Colbert, with his strong sense of Christian vocation, understands that his gift of humor is meant to be used in the world as a way to further God's own work and to help people see the world through God's eyes.”

Colbert doesn’t seem to be bearing any heavy vocational mandate in the video, which is loose and fun. If anything, he comes across as another believer simply trying to live a daily life of faith. Who, you know, also happens to be one of the biggest names in television comedy.

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