Faith and FOMO in Everything Everywhere All at Once

Zachary Lee

Zachary Lee
April 20, 2022

Maybe our ‘best life’ isn’t the version in which we have it all, but the one where we live as those who have been loved.

August 10, 2022

Loved this movie, and love this perspective! There were so many things I loved about it that I haven’t unpacked them all even after seeing it 3 times so far with plans for a few more viewings already. But one things that stands out now is how her sacrificial love brought more people TO love, just like Jesus. Her sacrifice for Joy, the way Evelyn gave up her own ego to tell her father the truth about Joy & Becky, the way she no longer had to defeat everyone in battle but “fought” with love as her husband demonstrated for her — it brought the family together and helped save Joy’s life & soul. Such a beautiful moment and movie in countless ways. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

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