If Beale Street Could Talk Gets Religion

Claude Atcho

Claude Atcho
February 13, 2019

While retaining the skepticism of the James Baldwin novel, Barry Jenkins’ Beale Street also offers a more nuanced view of Christian faith.

February 18, 2019

Real faith that is accepted by God is always rooted in Jesus Christ. I, like the characters you speak of, prayed before meals, asked God to bless my son (born in 1975) born outside of marriage, and celebrated with many a “toast”. But it wasn’t “true” faith. To hold up this type of characterization as real faith dissuades folks from realizing they need repentance. I was born again in 1980 and by God’s grace able to lead my teenage son to real faith in Christ. Sure, the hypocritical “Christian” in the film reacts in a way that is unloving but that is rarely seen among the saints. As a matter of fact, my girlfriends parents were devout Christians who embraced our son and myself, even when they understood that I wasn’t marrying their daughter. It was their unconditional love and acceptance that helped me understand true Christianity.

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