Joy Williams and the redemption of Venus

John J. Thompson

John J. Thompson
June 28, 2015

Venus, Joy Williams' first solo effort since the break-up of The Civil Wars, offers a dogged pursuit of reconciliation and resolution.

James Bockover
February 20, 2017

Dear Frame Media the first time I heard Joy Williams music I was in prison back in 2011. I had become a born again Christian back in 2004 in between those times I began for a Christian alternative to some of the various styles of music I liked. A friend of mine lent me one of his W.O.W. CDs and I discovered two artists who are still my favorites today 1.Rebecca St. James song Pray and 2. Joy Williams song By Surprise on my birthday in 2011 I received Rebecca St. James Best Of collection and two Joy Williams albums By Surprise and Genesis which I still have and still listen to all these years later. But I must admit that when a review in Rolling Stone magazine of her up and coming Civil Wars project referred to her "former Christian singer-song writer, Joy Williams" I found myself feeling very disconcerted and disappointed but I decided to listen to Venus myself and make up my own mind and I have found that the message is still very much there you have to dig a little bit deeper and I feel her music is still absolutly beautiful,genuine, and intense still a fan sincerely James

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