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Lent devotionals offered by TC sister ministry

Josh Larsen

Some of you are aware that TC has a sister ministry of daily devotionals called Today. If this is news to you, now is a good time to get to know the program, as Today is offering a special series of devotions to guide you through the season of Lent.

Called Focus on the Cross and beginning on Ash Wednesday, the series is designed to help you concentrate on the depth, beauty and mystery of the death and resurrection of Jesus through a time of self-denial, repentance and prayer. You can sign up here to receive the devotional each day via email, or to download a printable PDF of the entire series.

The Today devotionals are a part of my daily routine, and they’ve also come to occasionally inform my TC posts. I receive them via email each morning, but you can also get them at the Today site or via a variety of smartphone and tablet apps that are listed there. Here at TC, we’ll touch on Lent from time to time, in our usual, culturally attuned way. But for a marking of the season directly rooted in Scripture, I’d encourage you to make time for Today.

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