Lupin and the Master Planner

Jane Kim

Jane Kim
July 27, 2021

Arriving from France via Netflix, Lupin reminds us that God knows the blueprint for our lives.

John Schuurman
August 3, 2021

Thanks for the review. Lupin certainly is a master planner and, as you say, God is the master planner par excellence. It is a great comfort to be included in God’s plan.

My take on Lupin is that he is something of a “realistic” super hero. No cape no parallel universe super powers, but a hero who near miraculously escapes every predicament, is proficient at astonishing violence, and yet has all the human characteristics of a regular guy and loving (though forgetful) family man. I myself would hesitate to liken him to God. He really isn’t a “Christ-figure”. in the sense that we talk about it in literature either.

I love the production values presented. The fun of Parisian culture is great.


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