‘New’ Beatrix Potter and undiscovered treasure

Caryn Rivadeneira

Caryn Rivadeneira
February 8, 2016

A new Beatrix Potter manuscript has been discovered and will be published this September.

Priscilla Galbraith
February 9, 2016

Much as I enjoyed the sharing of her love for Potter AND for God's word, I have to write my disappointment in the author's development of her article. Seeing the title of it under your theme of "Think Christian," I expected more. Potter was used as a lead-in only, seemingly, to her REAL message:the beauty of the Word of God. OK, we've learned from many a sermon that 'this is how you do it.' Fine - in it's place. So, have I misunderstood the Reframing part, the Think Christian title? The expectation this title gives me is that there will be elucidation on how we look and think Christianly on various topics, in this particular, on Beatrix Potter literature. NOTHING wrong with the content in this article. What's not said is the problem, and the reduction of Potter to a lead-in.

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
February 10, 2016

In Reply to Priscilla Galbraith (comment #27854)
Hi Priscilla,

You offer a good challenge here, and I wanted to respond because it's really my job as TC editor to make sure each of our posts does indeed "think Christianly" about the topic at hand. So while I, like you, appreciated what Caryn shared here, I probably should have asked her to also include an element of "Reframing," as you put it. That's certainly what our aim is here at TC. Thanks for expecting it.


Priscilla Galbraith
February 16, 2016

In Reply to Josh Larsen (comment #27855)
Hi, Josh, thank you for your upfront reply. It was appreciated. I just read Clayton Carlson's article's response to the Zika virus. If I had started there in reading Think Christian's output, rather than with the one I did (re Potter), I would have had a different response! Will look forward to reading more on your site now.

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