Nightbirde Sings Psalm 88

Bill Melone

Bill Melone
October 27, 2021

The America’s Got Talent star reminds us that a life of faith contains both lament and praise.

Joanna Day
February 23, 2022

Thank you for this powerful message. I loved Nightbirde.

Andy Petercee
February 24, 2022

A life so short yet so free. So much life and Jesus just shone out of her. What if she had live another 10 years. Would she have reached any more. What if she had had a chance to perform worldwide, would her witness Have been any more powerful. God used her in his way and his time. He made her a huge star so her message would really hit home. I’m not quite in her position. But when God wants to use you. He will do it in the most powerful way he can. Just watch her message go around the world now!

Bright Hide
May 3, 2022

There are times in life that we all go through storm, I seen this women sing on America Got Talent. Night bride is, and was a gift from God, God use her to let others know that he is real even when we feel like he is not there. The last that I have heard before today she was heal. I thank God and never thought anymore about it because God never come short of his word. and I never seen the righteous forsaken. God can not lie if he said that she was heal then it was so, She was a living angel on earth. It was something that her foot print left upon my heart and it was, we cannot wait until life gets better to try to live. I think her message was to live in the moment regraudless of our circumstances. Live and encourage your self and be happy even if your not it is up to us all to make our own happy path with the subject call life. I was floor when i heard of her passing (Night Bride) You hit a home run with Jesus, for doing his earthly work now you are resting with him in peace. I'm so sad about her passing this women touch hearts through out the entire planted.

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