No Man’s Sky and the Angst of an Endless Universe

Drew Dixon

Drew Dixon
August 23, 2016

No Man's Sky presents us with a vast universe, but gives us little reason to fill and cultivate it.

Stan Faryna
August 24, 2016

Nailed it.

August 24, 2016

I disagree, heartily. I've found numerous planets that take my breath away. I've found dozens of animal species that are unlike any other. Yes they are amid planets and species that seem cookie-cutter-ish. But just when I think NMS is getting boring I land on a planet that totally blows my mind.

Things get more and more interesting the closer to the Center you get (cough). I'm still 170k light years away and I am regularly in awe.

Drew Dixon
August 26, 2016

In Reply to Michael (comment #28847)
Well that is good to know. Despite the tone of this article, I don't hate NMS, its just a really lonely experience, which isn't bad necessarily. I appreciate that the game makes me feel SOMETHING, its just that that feeling isn't one I want to stay in for too many consecutive extended periods.

But I will take you feedback as encouragement to press on and see what I find.

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