Rectify and the question we're all asking

Josh Pease

Josh Pease
August 14, 2015

In having each of its characters ask, "Am I good?" Rectify captures the duality of a Christian theology of humanity.

August 15, 2015

Josh, I echo your praise of Rectify. I love the complicated characters, how they are revealed more in each episode, and how we can empathize with them because we see the complexity in each. As a person who has worked with death penalty abolition for several years and who has had a chance to listen to and speak with several men who've been exonerated from death row, I am in awe of how this show presents the horror of death row and the incredible struggles when an exonerated person is freed--struggles faced not just by Daniel but by his family and community. Many of the characters (especially Tawny and Daniel) face complex spiritual and faith struggles. This rich drama is not to be missed!

Colin McLean
August 25, 2015

A little enamored with self importance. The non-response responses, the cute little "Daniel quips" The stilted language. The Tawny angle and her passive aggressive psuedo Christianity/Therapy!!! Turned it off. Complete feminist... You know what even writing about this show gives me a headache. No more cow eyes thank God.....

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