Should Christians Listen to Explicit Music?

Rachel Syens

Rachel Syens
August 23, 2022

Are songs with explicit lyrics off-limits for believers? Or might there be a way to lend a discerning ear?

Norma Prina
August 24, 2022

This is so spot on! Thank you for your continual Illumination on this and so many other topics!

Ted Boswell
June 27, 2023

If explicit lyrics make songs off-limits, how about unbelief? It is traditionally seen, based on the Bible, as a very serious sin -- perhaps at least as serious a problem as explicit lyrics . . . : ) Have you ever read anyone suggesting we ought to skip all music that does not acknowledge Jesus as Lord, or that suggests otherwise, etc.?

June 27, 2023

I think we can divorce this issue from the "is it sin?" question. I think there's genuine value to elevating the atmosphere. I'm sure someone will quote you the "whatsoever is pure, of good report" etc. And there's some value to that. I always ask, do I want to share this with my kids? There are things that need to be expressed, yes. I think the challenge is to express even the hard, ugly side of life without adding to the ugliness. We certainly have become a very crude, profane society and I think we're worse off because of it.

October 7, 2023

I usually skip bad words in songs and replace them with good lyrics, but I don't think nothing wrong expressing yourself even if your feeling angry, with music. But I try to speak nicely about myself and others because they were created by God.

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