Star Wars: Episode VI – Can Anything Good Come from Endor?

David Zahl

David Zahl
November 8, 2015

Return of the Jedi's much-derided Ewoks may represent the theological lynchpin to Star Wars' conclusion.

Clave Jones
November 9, 2015

I love it any time a theological conversation involves Star Wars. I own a nerd website, so Star Wars comes up often. But with Ewoks I actually wrote a defense of them and me being a pastor, I snuck in a little theology as to 'why' they were compelled to help. Here 'tis:


It's clearly part tongue-in-check, but it's also in part an honest defense of the little furballs.

November 9, 2015

Easily the most eloquent and poignant Christian reflection on any Star Wars entry in the franchise I've ever read. Thanks for sharing this, David.

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