The fruit of the Spirit found in Lilly Looking Through

Kevin Schut

Kevin Schut
February 25, 2014

Lilly Looking Through, a lovely and simplistic video game, is mostly defined by its gentleness.

February 25, 2014

Might this be a truncated view of "gentleness"? The fruit of gentleness or meekness in Scripture, refers to mildness, gentleness, or humility when dealing with people. The key is in "dealing with people," rather than characteristics independent of a relationship--i.e. Lilly's way of falling or her fear per se.

Thanks for the review, great to know there's a burgeoning diversity of games.

Adele Konyndyk
February 26, 2014

Thank you for this review. It led me to buy the game, and I'm enjoying the gentle adventure.

Kevin Schut
February 27, 2014

Hi MJ,

That's a fair response. I'm not sure, though, that the list of the Fruits of the Spirit was meant to be too exclusive. Clearly the focus in that passage is on interpersonal relationships, and yes, I agree the emphasis would be on a kind of meekness.

But I think we can take those terms a bit more broadly. The kinds of attitudes and interpersonal interactions we associate with the word gentleness have a certain character or atmosphere to them. And I would argue that this game has that character in spades. Is it everything that the Scriptures signify in the passage on the Fruits of the Spirit? No, probably not. But it's at least part of it. And that's encouraging for me.

Thanks for the response!


March 23, 2017

One of my favorite's I might mention. Silent Hunter 4 it not gentle in the normal sense-it is a game of war. But it is beautiful with graphics, music and role playing elements that make you think you are in an epic movie.

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