The Gospel in G: Grace

Roger Nelson

Roger Nelson
June 19, 2016

Our third installment in The Gospel in G series explains why the resurrection is the fulcrum on which the Christian story turns.

Tanya Dixon
June 20, 2016

This article is thought-provoking, to the depths. I can't believe that I'm the only one who has read this. I agree with each point, putting the power of The Resurrection in its preeminent place. The dynamite that blew the gate off of the eternal hell; now, because of Gods'bodaciousness, humanity has an option: a changed nature, freedom from demon traits, and an infinite place for our endless spirit: Heaven--eternity, right there with God, who made every temporal thing, gold, silver, jewels and titles, that we make vain idols of.

Gary Lindley
June 23, 2016

Very interesting. A good form of outreach!

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