The Last 10%

Jerod Clark

Craig Groeschel, the senior pastor of, has been writing an interesting series of blog posts about giving the last 10%.  He says in most things we do, giving the first 90% is the easiest because it doesn’t take as much risk.  Plus our human nature tell is that once we’ve hit 90%, we’ve done a good enough job.

Here are some excerpts from the firstthreeposts (he plans on continuing the series the rest of the week):

When it comes to developing intimacy, it usually happens when I share the final 10%. (The final 10% often consists of some combination of my fears, insecurities, doubts, and weaknesses.)

In my marriage, I might believe that when I serve my wife with 90% of my heart, I’m still offering her more than most men do.

In my friendships, if I’m giving 90% of my best, most would be satisfied with my commitment.

Jesus taught us to go the “extra mile” or give our coat as well as a shirt. If I stop serving others when I’ve given 90%, I haven’t given my best.

But when it comes to living, I’ve noticed that God seems to bless the final 10% more than the first 90%

But giving 90% of my best isn’t “doing everything as unto the Lord."

How are you at giving the last 10%?  Do you have similar experiences to Groeschel where the last 10% can be the most rewarding?

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