The Muppets and Holy Nonsense

Josh Larsen

Laura's Last Ditch
November 23, 2011

Despite a childhood deprived of movie-viewing and Muppets, your title made me want to read the post. I'm about to attend the funeral of a dear neighbor. Maybe I should watch the Muppets on the way home.

November 23, 2011

I miss the original Muppet Show. It was funny! OH MAN It was funny! It had characters everyone could relate to no matter who you were or what kind of a day you had. I am so glad our kids today can still relate to Muppets because, hey... "It's not easy being green!."

I was looking up Pigs in Space and found one of my all-time-fave episodes, Pigs in Space with the cast of Star Wars, on You Tube. As Josh says, typical muppet fashion, after several attempts to vanquish evil Darth Nader eventually nonsense is the key and a song and dance number - of course.

I'll try to embed it so you don't need to leave the site. If that doesn't work here is the link to You Tube: http://youtu.be/cFvZtROeJrE

I can't wait to see the movie Josh. Thanks for the review. 

Hopefully we will all find find some balance in the joy of humour this holiday season and remember the words of a little green philosopher king... "What's so amazing / That keeps us star gazing / What so we think we might see / Someday we'll find it / That Rainbow Connection / The lovers the dreamers and me."

<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="199" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/cFvZtROeJrE?rel=0" width="250"></iframe>

November 23, 2011

We had a terrible storm at our house two nights ago. The rain lashed against the house, the shrubs whipped against the windows, water looked for any gap in the soffits to push its way in. All the gutters were overflowing creating a terrible racket, tree branches falling and in the midst of it all I heard one lone frog singing. Thanks Kermit. Reminded me of the Holy nonsense of the muppets. While I am writing this brief note I have just noticed a ruby throated hummingbird perched on a bedraggled london plane tree silhouetted against the brick warehouse outside my office window in NW Portland. Amazing.

December 12, 2011

Every year since the album came out (John Denver and the Muppets Christmas album), my family has decorated the Christmas tree with their music as our soundtrack. The other day my daughter, now married and mom of a 14-month-old, lamented they put up their tree, but "something was missing"---the Muppets songs. Her two brothers called within the same week, saying the same thing about putting up their trees.  Crazy nonsensical sweet joy they brought to us---then and now---the Muppets, and my kids.

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