The soapy sincerity of Oprah’s Greenleaf

Donna Bowman

Donna Bowman
July 25, 2016

Greenleaf's characters are at once sincere Christians, engaged in ministry and outreach, and flawed human beings angling for their own benefit.

July 25, 2016

I enjoy the show, churches aren't full of holy people, they are full of people in need of a Savior ... I feel a bit guilty watching this... It's trite, gossipy and lacks the reality of those believers who although flawed are truly following Christ. My thought, the writer really doesn't know Christ. He knows about Him and about People who believe but has never experienced true conversion. I know many people who are genuine believers.. And I've been around churches long enough to see ALL this stuff but this show lacks the backbone of a real church... The people who really give, expecting nothing and love for the sake of Christ.... Sad... Otherwise it would be a much better show. Find some true believers as advisors... But then they may feel as I do... There's a little too much sex and titulation.... With so little edification... It's just a well done soap opera

July 28, 2016

It's another reason people don't see church as any different than the world - or maybe it's worse, so why bother at all.

I'm not denying that churches are full of people who have made and continue to make mistakes. There is a significant difference, however, between a worldview based on "going to church" and one based on "saved by Grace, no longer blind, now I see."

The truth is, you can't be both "simultaneously sincere Christians, engaged in ministry and outreach, and flawed — often venal — human beings angling for their own benefit, however manipulative or shameful" at the same time. As soon as you resume the latter (assuming you left it behind at the Cross), you are no longer the former. That is not to say born-again believers who sin have renounced their salvation; but I do contend that they are no longer sincere Christians.

July 29, 2016

In Reply to Michael (comment #28723)
I've been a Christian for over 30 years. Sometimes I've been bad at it.... More often I'm just real with the Lord but there is no doubt He is first in my life. But on the bad days or the good days, I am no more or less saved then the first day. I've studied more, I've grown, matured and have been blessed beyond measure but I'm still no more or less saved. Sometimes I've doubted, I've doubted my own sincerity... But I know it's not about what I've done... It's always about what He did. Done. It's done and it's up to Christ to keep me done. As long as my faith is in Him, the work of the cross is still in effect.
I don't like a lot about this show... But if you take all the drama of a church in a year and stuff it into an hour... It might look like this or worse.
PS. I am not OSAS ...I believe people may choose to walk away from the Lord and sin is an enticement to do just that. That's what I think of when I see the characters in this show.... Dangling their faith over a cliff. Treating it unseemly and treating the work of the cross carelessly. It's a dangerous place to be. Most people go there a time or two... Like children we have to learn and be disciplined by our Heavenly Father. Too many examples in scripture to name but David comes to mind. I'd only pray if believers act like these characters that they know the regret that David felt. A man after Gods own heart.
God bless, andrea

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