Trivia, triviality and The American Bible Challenge

Stephen P. Hale

September 13, 2012

Great questions, Stephen. I watched a portion of one episode so I'm no expert, but I think the show has its place. Sure it is fact driven, rather than getting at the meaning behind those facts. But you can't ask what an event in the Bible means if you don't know that the event occurred in the first place.

The American Bible Challenge isn't a substitute for Bible study, but it's a good way to recognize that the Bible is worth studying.


Jenn P.
September 14, 2012

I probably would not have given this show the time of day (I don't have the channel, for one thing), but close friends of mine were on the second episode, competing to raise money for research on the disease that killed their 2-year-old son. While the show may seem trivial, my friends are certainly not, and they are thrilled with their experience. They felt their faith was treated seriously and respectfully, and they are grateful the opportunity to tell their story, not just of their son's disease, but of their journey with Christ. I don't think the show is likely to change the world, but I'm glad it has had a positive impact on at least one family.

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