What Master of None and Thomas Kinkade Have in Common

Richard Clark

Richard Clark
June 19, 2017

The second season of 'Master of None' depicts a false sentimentality about relationships.

June 19, 2017

Disclaimer: I don't watch this show..

Re: the relationship issues -- I instinctively feel revulsion towards most statements and memes about putting 'negative' people out of your life. Never mind that it's often wildly impractical. It's also supremely selfish, at least as stated. Do you need to 'drop' some people ? Quite possibly. But as mentioned above, some of them (who make you uncomfortable) were sent to you to make you better. The clue is to discern which are pressuring you to change for their own selfish interests, and which are, at least in part, truly concerned about you. Keep the latter; you need them. And they might genuinely need you, when and if you are able to speak truth to them out of similar concern.

June 20, 2017

I just finished the series last night and loved it. But you took something I really like and connected it with the Kinkade art that I don't like. How dare you!!! I'll never read anything by you again. Sorry, lame attempt at humor. Thanks for this because it was really helpful as I continue to process a show that I very much enjoy. I'm somewhat surprised that there aren't more comments here as the show is apparently quite popular.

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