Children of Men: An Uncommon Christmas Movie

Josh Larsen

December 11, 2008

I'd strongly recommend also READING "Children of Men"- it's also fabulous, although the film and the book are almost like two different stories written around the same idea, because Alfonso Cuaron didn't read the book before co-writing and directing the film.

Amy B
December 11, 2008

I saw Children of Men when it came out in the theaters, and I thought it was breath-taking. The scene in the bombed out building - anyone who has seen it knows the scene that I am referring to - it gave me chills. One of those rare movies actually worth seeing anymore.

December 11, 2008

Wow, I couldn't agree more. Great post. "Children of Men" makes for a very powerful Christmas movie, although it's an extremely harrowing viewing. It haunted me for weeks after I saw it; I wish the more "typical" Christmas films and stories from Christians had half of its thought-provoking power.

But that said, to swing in the complete opposite direction--I continue to love the classic Charlie Brown Christmas special, as old and familiar as it is. It reminds me that the effort to glimpse the heart of Christmas beneath all the commercialization and worldliness is something that many generations, not just my own, have struggled with. And there's something about the straightforward recitation of the Christmas story in it that really hits home.

But you probably wouldn't want to view the Charlie Brown Christmas special back-to-back with Children of Men :)

December 12, 2008


I'll skip the movies for almost any Children's Christmas Program at almost any church.

They normally include the true story and music that tells the story and even the children's mistakes are good.

Rarely one will put a story in that almost leaves out the true story that is not nearly as good.

But the story, the children and the music causes me to leave with a warm heart and a true feeling of Christmas.

C. Walker

Tom Goodman
December 13, 2008

Skip the movie and read the book instead. Despite the single scene of the bombed-out building that won a cinematography award (deservedly), the film was a huge disappointment for those who liked the book. The several religious themes that PD James addressed in the book--including the Christmas birth you mentioned--are completely lost. My take on the movie here: http://getanchored.blogspot.co...

March 25, 2011

I laughed the first time I sa Vaughn's Joseph impersonation but the secon time, I paid closer atention to the whole scene. It was a mockery of churches that have absolutely no connection to Christ in them. The music, the Pastor's protagonism, the brainless people cheering with Halleluyas at the phrases coming out of Joseph. Also, you could see people doing the two-fingers sign of Rockers (Satan sign) will "praising" God. I did not like the scene when I saw it for what it was: an oportunity to laugh at religious people and at Nativity. I acknowledge that there are Pastors and Churches that only preach prosperity and are out of sync with the Word of God. Let's hope that it was a criticism to those...

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