Black Jesus: Blasphemous or Biblical?

D. Marquel

D. Marquel
January 8, 2020

Irreverent humor aside, the Adult Swim sitcom depicts a Christ who brings grace and healing to society’s outcasts.

Rachelle Flores
December 28, 2021

I struggle to get my family to church or open a bible with me. We binge watched it on Christmas. (I ALWAYS thought the tomatoes were God's love and not the weed.) Husband put it on because of Charlie Murphy and John Witherspoon. We haven't finished season three yet. All three on my sons went to church on Sunday. If black Jesus is what they think of fine by me. Zero WAY Jesus was white ... I kept tearing up at spots because it was dead on. We don't know much about Jesus before he turned 30. I'd like to think Jesus had fun with his homies like all of us had at one point. My favorite is when he went to church... " I never said that". I was cracking up!! People can say what they want about this series. I think it's a awesome way to expose non believers to the word .. I love this series.

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