Think Christian — A Faith and Pop Culture Podcast

How might your pop culture fandom resonate with your faith? Host Josh Larsen, editor of Think Christian, talks with TC writers about the latest in TV, movies, music, and more, exploring the ways popular culture and God’s story intersect.

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A Christian Defense of Horror (The Exorcist, It Follows)

Josh Larsen, Abby Olcese, Joe George, John J. Thompson

A Theology of The Office

Josh Larsen, Aarik Danielsen, Abby Olcese, John J. Thompson

Redemption? (Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood, Aziz Ansari’s Right Now)

Josh Larsen, JR. Forasteros, Sarah Welch-Larson, John J. Thompson

Spiritual Warfare (Stranger Things, Midsommar)

Josh Larsen, Claude Atcho, Joe George, John J. Thompson

Fellowship of Believers (Toy Story 4, Mavis Staples’ We Get By)

Josh Larsen, Abby Olcese, Aarik Danielsen, John J. Thompson

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