Preaching Breaking Bad

John Van Sloten

As AMC's Breaking Bad winds down with its final few episodes, we thought we'd share video of TC's John Van Sloten preaching on the show at his church this past Sunday.

John touches on the ways the show's depraved lead character, meth dealer Walter White (Bryan Cranston), is a spiritual stand-in for all of us, as well as the ways various "heroes" of the Bible had their own Walter White moments. Thankfully, John also discusses how the grace of Christ meets us in all of this.

Breaking Bad has made for some rich conversation here at TC. If you're looking for more, check out Josh Pease's consideration of the show's uniquely Christian view of evil and Micheal Hickerson's piece on the Psalmic value of the show's villains. More of John's video sermons can be found here.



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