The Fits and Feeling the Spirit

Josh Larsen

Josh Larsen
July 28, 2016

In its narrative and imagery, the independent film The Fits evokes what it means to be slain in the Spirit.

July 29, 2016

As a long time Charismatic Christian, I have heard the voice of God, personally. I've seen 100s maybe 1000s slain in the Spirit. I've seen people pushed over, had some try to push me over but never been slain myself. You can actually tell when it's real. Some people just enjoy the feeling of releasing themselves to the Lords touch but when my nine year old daughter was slain and laid there perfectly still for well over ten minutes, I knew this was real. When she got up, all she said was " mom, God touched me". She has walked with the Lord for many decades now.

I would never ever describe being slain as an out of body experience.... As Christians we never leave our bodies open to the enemy. Prior to becoming a Chritian I was an atheist and I read many of Edgar Cayces books... He promoted " out of body travel" and that is demonic. Being slain in the Spirit is very much an in body experience... Just allowing the Lord to minister His touch to your heart. No need to send it to Him, He comes into us.

God bless, Andrea

Cindi Ruiz
July 29, 2016

I agree with my sister Andrea. I have been slain, and had the anointing of the Holy Ghost upon me that I have danced with abandon and lost control in the sense of time & space, as if no one were around me at all. Howbeit, it certainly was no "out of body" phenomenon.
I have cried and wept uncontrollably in church and in my home. I am a fluid tongue talking woman of God, which prays, sings, and worships in tongues as well.
I find it incredibly sad that you have not experienced this because truly you ARE missing something: the fullness of God. Acts chapters 1-9 speak explicitly about this, and Peter even asked them "have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed" (19:2), which shows you it is expected that you be filled subsequent to being born again.
This is one message I will NOT be sharing lest your skepticism infect others whom might be called and filled. I usually enjoy your articles but with this one I am now disappointed.
I will pray for you ...

Josh Larsen
TC Staff
July 29, 2016

In Reply to Cindi Ruiz (comment #28731)
I'm sorry you understood this article to be wholly skeptical. As I mention in the first paragraph ("...I wondered if I’ve been missing something."), The Fits actually led me to reconsider the sort of experiences you and Andrea are talking about. Thanks for sharing.

July 29, 2016

I do not see your article as skeptical, in fact my reaction was far more skepical than your article, as I tend to see this as behavioral. That does not mean it is not real, but rather is a cultural and social behavior rather than a supernatural manifestation that all should have.

July 29, 2016

I went to a Pentecostal church for 11 years. I've been 'slain in the spirit' although I never called it that. I would ask for the 'fire of God' to come into my heart. It's a burning sensation but a pleasant one. Soon the feeling is so strong my body can longer lift up. Next, my mouth is bellowing out these loud praises in both tongues and English. I can sing in tongues and understand it. It's such a peaceful feeling to feel the touch of God. No anxiety, no self doubts, all the usual worries gone. I wouldn't have cared if the world would have suddenly come to an end. Like Andrea, I have heard the voice of God many times. Not just in worship. I talk with him and walk with him throughout my daily life.
I remember as a kid I would watch others in the presence of God for up to two hours while waiting for my mother who had spent so long in the presence she was now murmuring on the floor completely surrendered to God, completely peaceful.

However, Phil has made me reconsider how I see this type of worship. Never would I have seen it as cultural or social behaviour. I've always felt this is how the angels praise God in Heaven and that tongues are the language of Heaven. I had that revelation while worshiping in church so I felt it was from God. I've learned in the last couple of years though that there are many different perspectives in Christian denominations and we don't know which way is right so we must be open to all ways of having a relationship with God. I just feel experiencing the presence of God makes the connection stronger.

I miss being in a Pentecostal church with my brothers and sisters. This article has reminded me of what I once had and I might just go out again to seek it.
Also, I love film and see myself as a tom boy or rather a non-stereotypical girl. So, I might check this film out.

I really hope you do consider exploring further into the Pentecostal church. My memories of church were of a fun and loving community.

July 29, 2016

I will add that I have had those outer body experiences from seizures, high doses of medication or anxiety and it's very different from being in the presence of God. In outer body experiences you can see yourself or at least feel like you've left your body. It doesn't always have to be related to demonic possession but a result of too much activity in the brain.

July 30, 2016

I certainly did not wish to imply that those outward manifestations of the Spirit were somehow wrong, just that they are present in some church cultures and not in others, and not having them is not wrong either. Indeed, we need to accept way others find God, as He relates to us each in different ways.

Daniel DeFonce
August 4, 2016

In Reply to Shanti (comment #28734)

Thanks for sharing, Shanti.
I actually grew up Pentecostal, and still am a Pentecostal Christian.
I as well am learning to appreciate different aspects from other Christian denominations; seeking to combine head-knowledge with heart-knowledge. After all, all truth is God's Truth.

If you're ever in the northern Virginia or the D.C. area you are more than welcome to visit my church: http://www.thenovachurch.com/
Or you can check out this more traditional Pentecostal church - http://www.livinghopedc.com/
And if you're in St. Louis, I recommend these churches - http://www.homeoffaithandtruth.com/ OR http://newlifecenter.com/

God Bless!

August 10, 2016

Very interesting article and comments. Not being Pentecostal, but visiting some I never really had a good understanding of what exactly is being "slain in the spirit". I've studied the bible and many theologians and still have no real insight. The Holy spirit is within us as Christians so we are in Gods presence, not sure I understand what's going on with receiving more holy spirit. In the bible when God passed judgment is when people seemed to be slain. Not making fun at all I think it's important for people to have a connection with God. It might be as Phil said a behavioral or emotional connection that some need. Not sure if any of you have seem Chariots of Fire, but when Eric Liddell an Olympic runner is being ask to leave for the China mission field early and skip the games he responds with, "God made with a purpose China, but he also made me fast and when I run I can feel God's pleasure", so running in this case was Eric's Pentecostal expression of the Holy Spirit?

Andrea Bonner
August 10, 2016

In Reply to The Elk (comment #28777)
---------------------------------------- Respectfully, I have read many opinions and writings about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit as a second work. This is my own experience. It does not make me more saved then someone who thinks they have everything they need bc they are a Believer and follower of Christ. But please don't confuse that gentleman enjoying running as his experience of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God. It might be semantics to some but it's an important distinction for we Charismatics. The Assembly of God church has on its website a full explanation, well researched and generally accepted by most charismatics. I'm non-denominational.
The Holy Spirit isn't a feeling anymore then my husband would be a feeling of love... He brings out the feelings but he is not the feeling. Even if I'm not "feeling" loving toward him, that doesn't change him or our marriage. So with the Lord, we may feel so much as we worship and at times the feelings come from outside ourselves. As if the Holy Spirit is wrapping His arms around me or I may weep in awe of His great love... Or dance... Just as the disciples were thought to be drunk at Pentecost... They felt and acted differently then they had previously. They were not more saved. They received the Holy Spirit when Jesus blew on them but He said, I am sending someone and you must wait for Him. ... Please don't make more of that bc it being the first time was different and some Pentecostals get very legalistic about how, when, where.. Etc etc.
I speak in tongues, my husband does not, with the baptism comes gifts... They are given according to how the Lord decides, should never be a mark of who is a better Christian ...in fact these gifts SHOULD come with great humility.
I think many believers are not experiencing the joy and wonder and the gifts bc they refuse this second work... On the other hand... Enough charismatics have acted poorly about the gifts.... I can't comment except to say, with maturity, hopefully we ALL grow in His love and grace according to our measure of faith....
Ultimately the Baptism should bring boldness to share the gospel... The desire to share Christ is the mark as to whether or not you have the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. I must share Christ.... it is the cry of my heart....
God bless, Andrea

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