What Does a Faithful Posture Toward Film Look Like?

Josh Larsen

The good folks at Western Theological Seminary invited me to be part of their Luxcast video series, where Celebration Cinema CCO Eric Kuiper and I had a conversation about the various postures Christians take toward contemporary film.

How are we to regard movies? As mere entertainment, as threatening cultural objects, or—as I propose in my new book—as potential prayers? What is the role of the film artist in this dynamic? And, most importantly, how can our Christian faith play a guiding part?

These queries and others are covered in our brief discussion. Eric and I offer a few answers, but I’d love to hear your opinions and experiences, as well. What posture do you take when sitting down for a film? How does your faith influence your viewing? And has a film ever expressed the groaning or rejoicing of your own heart? Please share any thoughts you have in the comments below.


Topics: Movies, Culture At Large, Arts & Leisure