Five Movies that Call for Racial Justice

Jordan An

Movies help us step inside the stories and experiences of those who may look or live nothing like us. They give us a chance to see the problems and struggles of others in a unique and up-close way, to reflect on them, and to consider where our own stories fit into them. For these reasons, movies can be a great tool in our journey toward racial justice.

We’ve compiled a list of five movies with accompanying essays from Think Christian contributors that engage with this topic of racial justice. We hope that through these films and the authors’ reflections, your passion for biblical justice and the diverse Kingdom of God will grow broader and deeper.

Just Mercy (Kathryn Freeman)

Jesus demonstrated what it means to put down our privilege and choose the self-sacrificial way of love. Just Mercy challenges the notion that Christianity is to be a suffering-free religion.

See You Yesterday (Michelle Reyes)

See You Yesterday is a story about systemic injustice in the Black community, as well as the efforts of the brightest within that community to alleviate it.

Queen & Slim (D. Marquel)

Queen & Slim shows us that it’s possible to liberate others through example, by being the proof of God’s presence and his plan.

Black Panther (Vincent Bacote)

Given all of the provocative questions it raises, Black Panther is more than just another Marvel superhero movie. It is also a catalyst for Christian thought and action.

BlacKkKlansman (Kathryn Freeman)

Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman contains a powerful message for a Church that seems continually tempted to make a god in its own image.

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